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  • Yash Purohit

Socializing in 2021

87% of Millennials admitted to missing out on in-person conversations because they were distracted by their social media. 54% have FOMO if they don’t check out social media. 60% of the world has access to the Internet. One of these facts is false, guess which one?

If you guessed the last fact, you are correct. It’s actually just above 50%. It feels like the digital age as we know it is riddled with social media, likes, shares, and comments. We spend hours editing pictures to look good on Instagram, but spending time with the people next to us seems cumbersome. Finding new online friends on dating platforms who are hundreds of miles away seems more appealing than finding someone at a bar or restaurant. Sliding into DMs seems more appropriate then sliding past someone at the bar to initiate a conversation. Our phones have done such a great job connecting us virtually that they have come at the expense of connecting us with those right beside us. This fake rush of dopamine that comes from likes, comments, and chatting on social media has replaced the true rush of euphoria that comes from meeting someone new at school, at the workplace, at a bar or a restaurant, or anywhere else.

Of course, the age of social media has been a blessing during the pandemic, allowing us to safely stay connected with people both near and far. Social media connects us with our neighbors down the street as well as our friends and family across the world, while ensuring that we are maintaining social distancing protocol.

However, while we get closer to the end of this unfortunate pandemic, where do our loyalties lie? Will we continue our path to now use social media to engage with people virtually? Or should we begin to reconsider how to reclaim our social lives back once the pandemic has gone? As we slowly but surely begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, making plans has slowly gotten a little more exciting. Maybe you want to go out and have a meal at a restaurant, go out to a bar for a Vodka Martini (shaken, not stirred I hope), or if you just want to kick back and relax outside your home. So many plans and so much excitement. The frenzy of social media captivates us onto our screens, and we remain firmly glued to the next “share copy link” or the next viral trend. Will this persist even after the pandemic?

Let’s bring back the real meaning of Face Time. Meetsee enables you to find people at the same restaurant as you who have the same interests. Maybe you fancy astrology, or the NBA. Maybe you are a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and are looking for a new friend who has a shoulder to lean on. Whatever interests you may have, chances are that others have it too. Meetsee connects you with people who maintain the same interests. The only thing is that they aren’t 10-10000 miles away, they are 10 feet away.

Check out Meetsee today, and join our exclusive network today to reclaim your in-person experiences.

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